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I feel entirely positive about this year--considering how it started out, this is nothing short of a miracle--though I'm not entirely sure why. :-)

It might be my journey through goddess-based religion or it might also be the Tarot lessons or it might also be my family's journey towards Unitarian Universalism. It might be my burst of confidence and creativity. I don't know. I just feel like I shucked off a thousand pounds of baggage at some point.

That said, I've decided to hold off on any more vocal/drama auditions till I get my health under better control. I've gone into a period (starting TODAY) of avoiding sugar, and by sugar, I mean the crap that I really shouldn't eat, like cookies and candy. Bluh. It makes me feel like crap so I don't need it. I've figured out a schedule so that I can get to the gym four times a week.

Right now, I cannot sustain my breath for any decent amount of time, I cannot move well at the moment, and improving my health will help me do these things.

I've also decided to devote some more time to unfucking my habitat. I feel that I keep getting better in this regard, but I could always step it up a notch.

If these sound like new year's resolutions, I guess they might be, and it's about the right time...3 months after the year starts... ;)

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