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So, fic roundup for 2011!

Fics I have written this year!

A Portrait of the Mechanic as a Young Girl: 25,349 words, 16 chapters, complete. Characters: Wiress, Beetee. Fandom: The Hunger Games Thoughts: That one little word. "Complete." Holy fuck, people, I COMPLETED something!

Two tiny little things of 100 words each:

Tribute and Mentor: 100 words, complete. Characters: Wiress, Beetee.

A Good Death: 100 words, complete. Characters: Wiress, Beetee.

I enjoyed the challenge of writing these short pieces of fiction. I need to write more of them. ;)

I've got two other stories planned out for the verse I created for this fic...but right now, I soooo cannot live in Panem. It's way too bleak.

Everything else is Homestuck. :)

Clerkstuck: 16,781 words, 12 chapters, complete. Characters: as many trolls and kids as I could. John/Karkat, Dave/Terezi, Tavros/Gamzee. Thoughts: what was I even thinking, combining Clerks with Homestuck?? Still, I love the 'verse I created for the fic and I have more fics in this series. I am dissatisfied with a couple of things in retrospect, but in general, I like it.

Everything's All Right, Yes: ficlet, 1,953 words, Sufferer/Disciple, complete. One-off, written for the kink meme. Thoughts: It isn't precisely G-rated. Also, Xenobiology. What the hell am I writing here? I do love this fic, though.

Father of Mine: 4,242 words, 7 chapters, complete. Characters: Bro, mainly. Thoughts: Kind of angsty and I wrote it to get it out of my head. I like it, though, and I like Bro a lot here. It's been Jossed to hell and back but I don't even care. There's another story in the series.

Grubs: 4,618 words, 6 chapters, complete. Characters: all the troll grubs, some troll and human OCs. Thoughts: This is in the New Jersey-verse that I made up for Clerkstuck. I especially like Tavros' foster family and "Crabdad". I was striving for cute here. I think I've pretty much succeeded.

Works In Progress:

The Hunger Games

A Part Of, And Yet Apart: 5,883 words, 6 chapters, ongoing. Thoughts: This is a companion Piece to Portrait of the Mechanic As a Young Girl. It's only stalled because I am stalled on the Hunger Games universe.

Losing Time: 8,668 words, 5 chapters, ongoing. Thoughts: Sequel to Portrait. Once again, stalled till my head is in a better place and I can bring myself to write in that universe again.


it takes two men to make one brother: 793 words, 1 chapter. The second Bro story.

Kindergartenstuck: 10,775 words, 8 chapters, ongoing. This is the sequel to Grubs. There are certain bits of this that are diabetes-inducing levels of sweet. Seriously.

Nameless: 12,103 words, 8 chapters, ongoing. This is the story of the Disciple. I love that girl. It's also kind of sad in a lot of bits. And sometimes kind of cute. Like most of my stuff, really.

Planned fics!


Mallbent: It's in the same universe as Clerkstuck. Come at me, bro. ;)

There will probably be a bunch of elementary and middle-school ficlets for the Jersey-verse. And a longer high school AU story, which has some stuff written for it, but is titleless at the moment.

Bubbles: the sequel to Nameless. Nuff said.

And finally, pictures from the gone world, which will be kind of huge and daunting. There's stuff written for it. I really hope I can do it up right. It would be NICE if someone could do art for it... *sigh* Anyway, I'm taking the God-Tier thing at face value and making the new universe that the kids will be gods over and it might be really interesting! At the very least it will be fun to write... ;)

For The Hunger Games, I have two more stories planned: Mad Girl Love Song and Quell. I'm really hoping that I can do them eventually.

This has been my most productive writing year EVER, just with what I have published online. Most of the stuff is pretty unpolished, I admit. I mostly write the stuff and publish it with a few glances at it. Oh and all this is just since May, which is incredible to me. I'm having loads of fun with it and the comments and love I've gotten have been awesome.

Let's see what I can do in 2012!

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