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Things with Dad's lack-of-will proceed apace. Which is to say, slow as molasses running uphill at this time of year. *sigh*

The Tarot reading classes are really awesome! I did a practice reading (my first!) the other day and even though I still had to use my notes on meanings, I was still able to open up to my intuitive side and give a halfway decent reading. I guess with some things you just have to jump in with both feet!

I am still writing every day, though I have not posted anything yet this year. This needs to change soon. I have a few feelings about fandom (not specifically Homestuck, but it's my main fandom these days) in general.

I've seen some pretty nasty things go on, not just lately, but in every fandom I've been involved in or witnessed or just heard of. I just wonder what makes some people act so nastily to each other. I wonder about people who will go on anon-commenting and tell someone who has been talking about suicide to "just end it all already".

I wonder about shippers. I mean, I consider myself a shipper but what makes people get so up in arms over it? I mean, you're shipping fictional characters (or real people used as fictional characters)! Why does it have to be something to argue over to the point of threats and serious meanness?

It might have something to do with the age of the participants, I suppose, but I don't really take that as much of an excuse to just not be civil. I really do try to treat anyone I comment to online as if they are sitting right in front of me (ok, with a little more bravery, since in Real Life [tm] I am kind of awkward).

I know meanness happens outside of fandom, but I just...wonder at it on the inside. Because this is something we do for fun, so why can't we just...let it be fun?

Related Tumblr thoughts:

Tumblr, to be honest, is a really lousy platform for fandom. It's hard to have a decent discussion without clogging up the dashboard--and to follow a discussion you are not necessarily a part of is annoying as hell. It's great for sharing art and pictures...but not so great for anything else. I enjoy Tumblr simply because of the visuals, but I am not fond of the Tumblr "social justice" memes, and definitely not a fan of how difficult it is to get to know people on there or have a conversation!

That said, I have been considering making some sort of blog/Tumblr called "Miss Shelle's guide to Fandom Manners" or something. Knowing me, it would never get off the ground, though.

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