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I've lost so much contact with my internet friends. And I need them so sorely right now.

Nothing is going right. I just. I wish that I could just have a break from all the fucking drama.

My husband is fighting with my niece. Now my brother is fighting with my husband. On facebook. About the stupidest shit imaginable. On the anniversary of my MOTHER'S DEATH.

I feel like my family is taking sides. Against my family.

There's so much hurt here that I do not even know where to begin.

I'm so fucking tired of it all. I wish I could just talk to someone who isn't emotionally involved. Unload all of it.

I can't even begin to talk about how much pain I'm in and there's nothing for me to do about any of it. It has nothing to do with ME.

It's just everyone around me and I feel like curling up into a tiny ball and just shutting out the world.

EDIT: Things seem to be calmer but I'm still upset. I'm going to have to gather my thoughts and write more coherently about things. And I think I might need to see a counselor. Shit is getting too difficult for me to handle without some one to bounce things off of that isn't emotionally involved with my life. I'm sort of overwhelmed and it's not good.
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