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And another weekend to deal with! Tag sale tomorrow, which is good. Getting rid of a lot of books! Laundry on Sunday. More cleaning. Hopefully, if I have the energy.

We've got a guest over tonight and maybe Saturday night, so if I'm not online, that's why.

I just have to keep going till the 29th, which, happily enough, is my sixteenth wedding anniversary. Then things will calm down considerably.

I'm going to try and carve out some time for me to go away for a day or two. I was thinking over memorial day but I'm not sure about that one. Perhaps when we were supposed to go to PA--our taxes killed us this year, so we can't go, but I still have the days off scheduled.

I'm so tired, and I feel as if I've been sleepwalking this whole month. I really wanted to write on my novel and things. Pleh.

Oh well...tomorrow is another day.
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I can't sleep because my jaw is hurting.

Not excruciatingly.

Just enough to keep me awake. The whole side of my face feels like a sinus headache.

The only thing that *might* solve the problem is the narcotic painkiller...but if I take that, I can't drive, or go to work.

Tylenol doesn't work.

Advil doesn't work.

...and Aleve, that I take for my *sciatica* doesn't work at all! I'm out of options.

And then Nasty Taste in my Mouth from having Wisdom Teeth Extracted starts up.

Aaaargh!!!! Want sleep!

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