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Hey, people. It's been a busy month, what?

We're slowly but surely getting things unpacked. We still can't believe we're in our house. :)

Awesome things about houses:

- You do not hear the neighbor's TV's turned up so far that you can't actually hear what they're saying. It's all *boom boom, b-b-boom*.

-Not hearing other people coming in and out and having arguments in the hallways.

-Having closet space.

-Having a laundry area.


Only thing not so gret: having to pay for repairs. But that's ok, because the above points cancel it out SO MUCH.

Our mother in law bought us a bedroom set which is so very nice of her, and it's so pretty!

We got some varied furniture pieces from our realtor (yes, she is awesome, plus she owns a TINY DOG and I love them so). Including a very pretty sofa and loveseat. I can't wait till it's all at our house and arranged.

We've still got too many boxes to unpack, but man. I sleep better here than anywhere, and it is awesome.


What's new with everyone? :)
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(just kidding, I'm at work)

We're moved into our new house and we haven't had internet since, so hopefully that will be taken care of tonight.

We're still cleaning out and clearing out our old apartment.

BUT WE HAVE A HOME! It's awesome and nice quiet neighborhood, and awesome neighbors. :D!

(Thanks to everyone for putting up with me. LOL )
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...That's how I feel today.

But less cute.

Mortgage: Tuesday.

Vacation starts the 22nd. Thank goodness!

Also...I'm thinking of changing my username. Or changing journals. I've been shellebelle93 just about everywhere since 1998. That...might be long enough.

Maybe it's just cos I'll be 40 tomorrow. Maybe I just want a change. Maybe I'll just *do* it.


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