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Yes, this is how I greeted a fair few of my friends when I was in high school. Invariably, the answer was, "not much". :D

Quick updatey thing:

-fic writing proceeds apace. No, forget apace, it's proceeding like a runaway freight train. My brain cannot process all of my ideas. Homestuck is probably one of the most fertile breeding grounds for fanfic I've ever come across. At least for me it is. I'm having an awesome time with it.

-We survived our stupid winter storm. I call it the stupid winter storm because it's ridiculous that such a small amount of wet, heavy snow could do SO much damage. We only lost power for about 22 hours, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Over a week later, there are still some places with no power. Sheesh.

-We are down one income, currently. Hubby is trying to find another second job. In the meantime, it's kinda nice to have him home more often. <3 I wish we didn't need the money so bad.

-Struggling with blood sugars. Send some healthy vibes my way, ok? We're headlong into "candy season" here.

-My spiritual life is starting to smooth out, I think. I wish I could make you all understand what sort of peace I'm experiencing, so much different than living through fundamentalist Christian hell. I want to get back to the curious place I was as a young teenager--I know that sounds "bad" but from ages 14 to about...well, about 30, I deprived myself of true spiritual exploration. I've been climbing up from that but it's difficult to free myself of the sort of bindings I put on my spirit in the name of being "born-again". It's all very difficult to explain.

For well over 20 years, I told myself I could not do certain things that in my heart, I wanted to do, and for well over 20 years, I tried to make myself fit a certain mold that wasn't really 'me'.

I'm not denying myself anymore, and it's incredibly liberating...and freakin' *tiring*!

But good. It's all good.

How is everyone else? <3
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-Car making weird noise. Car fixed. Yay!

-Liam was complaining of pressure building up in his ear (needing to 'pop')last night. He said he was feeling better this morning and was dead set on going to school today (and the after-school program's water party), so we let him go. Me, I'm nervous as all hell, though. I don't want him having another ear infection and going on antibiotics once AGAIN. We put a couple of drops of castor oil in his ears each night, and it usually helps. We've prevented or cured at least one ear infection with diligent application of oil, so let's pray it works. ETA: my son has seasonal allergies and was very stuffy last night. Which is why his ears built the pressure up.

-Liam has an appointment with a new pediatrician on the 23rd, right before we go to Knoebels, which is our end-of-school celebration for him advancing another year.

-We had Liam's IEP meeting on the 31st of May. He's going to be advancing into the second grade. His reading and math levels are in the early-to-mid second grade level, and everything else is on par with his classmates, so he's doing really level. Also, instead of a "substantially seperate" classroom, they'll be integrating him more fully into the typical second grade classroom. We're so very proud of Liam and I'm very happy with the teachers at his school.

-Ryan (my brother) called me to let me know that Dad went to the hospital on Saturday with pneumonia--but it looks like Dad has asthma now, and also they're talking about sleep apnea as well. He's still in the hospital and I'm going to go visit tomorrow if he's not out by then. They're still deciding on a course of treatment.

-I've been unemployed since June 1st. We're ok at the moment, but I don't want to lose the decent lead we've had on our bills, so I hope I get something soon.

And...that's about it. Which is enough.

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